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When my client's come to me, I find I hear many similar concerns that range from dull skin, how to brighten skin, or pigmentation issues due to sun exposure or hormones. Beautycounter has created an overnight resurfacing peel to address these very issues. If you feel unsure about using a "peel" let me ease your mind. This product can be applied 2-3x's a week after cleansing, (before your moisturizer) and works as you sleep. It was formulated without synthetic fragrances, PEG's, and formaldehyde (a toxic preservative found in other peels). This peel is very effective and does not cause any true "peeling" of the skin-- so have no fear! Your skin is gently resurfaced with nine naturally derived acids that help to improve fine lines and gives skin an over all smooth and even toned appearance. Goodnight, dullness. Hello, morning glow!!! You will love waking up in the morning to see how much your skin has improved overnight! Visit the shop Beautycounter tab on this site to get yours, and get glowing!


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